Here is a more in-depth look at how your support will help to fund research, innovation and education projects at Alder Hey.

These vital projects could have far reaching benefits for families across the UK and beyond.

Developing better, safer medicines and treatments for children

Most medicines used in the UK and internationally have not been developed specifically for children, even though children and young people are the most frequent users of healthcare in the UK. We are working to develop effective, safer and more appropriate medicines specifically designed for children, and which are easy for children to take (for example, syrups that taste good).

The research we undertake is nationally and internationally recognised. Our track record has led to Alder Hey being the home of children’s research for the whole country and we host a number of centres of excellence, meaning our research is the very best. Our research crosses many specialisms including childhood infections, respiratory disorders, cancer, neuro-disability, international health and musculoskeletal diseases.

Using cutting edge technology to improve patient experience

We’re committed to making sure that patients can benefit from the latest technology. We’re working to test how the latest advances can be used to help to enhance the experience and treatment of our patients.

We’re working on a number of exciting projects including:

  • Using the latest sensor technology to undertake certain blood tests so that we don’t need to use needles, as well as using sensors to help us detect infection
  • Developing 3D prints from patient scans to produce accurate models for our surgeons to plan operations and use as a guide during surgery. This also helps to reduce the amount of time patients are anaesthetised. The photo at the top of the page shows orthopaedic surgeon Jay Trivedi with a 3D printed model of a section of a patient's spine.

One project that uses the latest innovations and has already been generously funded by our donors is the Neonatal ‘virtual visiting’ project. This enables parents, who can’t be with their children, typically because they have been rushed to Alder Hey for surgery from a maternity department, to see their child thanks to a secure server and teleconferencing app that we have developed. This provides a much needed link between the child and the parents.

Alder Hey recently became the UK's first cognitive hospital, in a collaborative programme which aims to harness the power of machine-learning and big data to revolutionise patient experience.

Training the next generation of children's healthcare professionals

Institute in the Park at Alder Hey

As one of the leading Children’s Hospitals in the UK, Alder Hey is a major centre for the training of healthcare professionals, training 500 student doctors and 400 student nurses each year.

Our new Institute in the Park will enable us to train even more paediatric specialists, ensuring that the healthcare professionals of the future receive the very latest expert training. Our bespoke facilities simulate real life but provide the opportunity to learn in the safety of the classroom and students are taught by Alder Hey’s clinicians who are leading advances in medical treatment of childhood diseases.

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