Meet William

This year's PJ campaign has launched and we are pleased that William and his brilliant family could take part in celebrating the new range with us.

William is a 5 year old boy with dilated cardiomyopathy. At just 8 days old William had a cardiac arrest after contracting enterovirus which caused inflammation of the heart muscle. William spent three months on intensive care at Alder Hey, was ventilated and spent two weeks on ECMO - a life support system that does the job of the heart and the lungs whilst the child recovers. After two more procedures on his heart William improved and was able to go home, where he has stayed ever since! He is little brother to Isabelle and has just become a big brother to Oliver. William was also recently diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder, nystagmus and minor brain injury. This doesn't stop him living life to the full. He has a happy and mischievous character, which makes him loved by so many! He is the family’s amazing Prince Wills!

“We think 'Never Give Up' is particularly apt given William’s chance of survival was just 3.4%. We were told to prepare for the worst, but we never gave up, we fought by our boy’s side every step of the way. The Matalan campaign means so much to us as a family because after what we have all been through we have been impacted in some way by mental health. In particular our beautiful little girl Isabelle, who was just 19 months old when William was in Alder Hey, saw and experienced things that no child should. She was recently diagnosed with generalised anxiety disorder, due to post traumatic stress and she had concerns about her new baby brother being poorly like William. It's hard to believe that Isabelle is only 6 years old, because she has such a kind, caring attitude, always looking after William and making sure he’s ok. We are immensely proud of her!” Williams Mum and Dad, Rachel and Edd
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