Alder Hey Children's Charity,

E Prescot Rd.,


L14 5AB

+44 151 252 5716


Ria first came to Alder Hey when she was a baby, and spent time at the hospital when she was 7 and had an accident where she injured her head. Alder Hey staff gave her the best care possible, and she was able to go home a short time later with no further complications.

Ria is always keen to help out and fundraise for Alder Hey. She has held bake sales, odd sock day fundraisers and always lends a hand if her mum Kirsty is holding her own events. 

Her mum said: “She is probably not that aware how lucky she is to have Alder Hey on her doorstep, but she absolutely loves it at Christmas time and when she sees the little children in there with smiles on their faces, it actually inspired to want to be a nurse!”