Meet Oscar

19 month old Oscar was diagnosed with eczema in January 2019.


His parents had noticed he was developing a rash on his face which was getting progressively worse, spreading across his body. He was referred to the dermatology team at Alder Hey where they knew exactly what to do. Oscar will have eczema until he is a teenager and the effects need to be managed with steroids, patches and regular moisturising. Amy and Hannah are dermatology nurses at Alder Hey and have played a big part in Oscar’s treatment as well as helping mum Amy understand  eczema and how to best manage it.

 “We were worried sick and tried everything we could to ease his symptoms. It was heart-breaking as friends and family wouldn’t let their children near him to play as they thought their child might catch something. It was a relief to come to Alder Hey as we felt immediately reassured that they knew how to help Oscar. He still has flare ups but we know how to manage them now.” Amy, Oscar’s mum.

Oscar is one of the models in the 2019 Matalan Alder Hey PJ Campaign.

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