Meet Megan

Megan was born with a congenital heart defect and after several operations has undergone major heart bypass surgery.

She has been a regular visitor to Alder Hey Children’s Hospital since she was transferred from Royal Preston Hospital due to the complex nature of her condition when she was just days old.   

After being diagnosed Megan was allowed home after two weeks.  She had her first surgery aged seven weeks and four days when she had an emergency operation to have a shunt fitted, meaning that more oxygen would get to her tiny lungs.

As well as heart surgery, Megan has also been treated for a series of mini strokes she suffered in 2011 due to a blood clot.  The strokes have had no long term effects and Megan is now a very lively and active six year old!

When Megan was four, she had the last of three operations to complete her heart bypass and spent a few weeks on ward K2 recovering.

Megan is a Young Ambassador for Alder Hey Children’s Charity and recently starred in her very own advert which was played in cinemas and on ITV Player!

We also filmed Megan to find out a bit more about her story and her time at Alder Hey:

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