Meet Lily

Hi, my name is Jane and I’d like to tell you about my wonderful little girl Lily, and the remarkable changes that have transformed her life.

When Lily was just three, her knees and ankles began to swell. It hurt her so much, she could hardly move her legs at all. It was heart-breaking, and though two operations helped for a while Lily was soon back in terrible pain. Her older sister Daisy would tell us she’d see her crying and sitting on her own at school, because she knew she couldn’t play or join in with the other children. That’s when we decided to take part in the research study her consultant, Gavin, had talked to us about.

Lily started to trial a new medicine developed especially for children with severe arthritis, and the difference it has made is amazing. It was a big decision to put Lily on these new medicines but my husband Nick and I trusted the doctors at Alder Hey completely, and so did Lily – they’re really good with the whole family. We immediately felt we’d turned a corner. Today, she’s so, so much better – smiling, laughing and, incredibly, loving gymnastics!

The other night Nick and I were stood watching her playing and laughing on her trampoline and I looked at him and said ‘I know what you’re thinking’. We both knew. It’s just wonderful, amazing, magical how far she’s come. There were times when we never thought we’d be where Lily is today. But we are, and it’s all thanks to Alder Hey.

We’ve seen so many remarkable people and remarkable things happening in our many visits to Alder Hey. Every year about 275,000 children from all around the UK are treated by the hospital, and thanks to the research they’re carrying out into new treatments and new medications many of their lives are transformed, like our Lily.

A donation of just £5 a month will help more remarkable children like Lily.

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