Meet Kieran

Kieran is from Liverpool and lives with chronic asthma. When Kieran was just 10 years old he had his appendix removed which resulted in other health issues including accentuating his asthma.

His condition worsened and he was a regular visitor to hospital. He missed six months of school and was unable to play sports or play with his friends for sustained periods of time.

At Alder Hey, Kieran was put on specialist medication and started seeing a physio to help him with his asthma.  Since starting his treatment, Kieran has improved dramatically; in fact he recently completed the 5k Gung-Ho fun run!

Kieran says: “Alder Hey is amazing. My physio, Claire and all the team, have been great with me and they have taught me many breathing techniques which have helped me a lot.

I am now out on my bike a lot with my mates and have joined a local football team too.  Thanks to Alder Hey and their staff I am now much more active.“

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