Meet Hollie

Hollie, from Sandbach, was rushed to Alder Hey for life-saving emergency surgery after becoming unwell last year. A scan had revealed she had a thalamic brain abscess, a rare condition that can be fatal if not treated quickly. 

Mum Gill explains: “Hollie was a normal, healthy child and we were all shocked at how quickly she became seriously ill. When we got to Alder Hey she was rushed straight to theatre and they were operating on her within minutes. Only then did we realise how serious it was and that time was critical. If it wasn’t for the specialist care she received at Alder Hey she wouldn’t be here today.”

Hollie has now recovered but her ordeal left her deaf in one ear and she has a VP shunt regulating the level of fluid in her brain. She has since raised thousands for Alder Hey.

Hollie said: “I owe the surgeons at Alder Hey my life and I want to raise as much money as I can to help other children at the hospital get the best care they can in the new hospital. This is my way of thanking all the people at Alder Hey who helped me get better!”


A donation of just £5 a month will help more remarkable children like Hollie .

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