Meet Dylan

My name is Johanna and I’d like to tell you about my brave young son Dylan, and the amazing research into diabetes that he has been taking part in at Alder Hey. I’m so proud of him.

It all started when we first came to Alder Hey with my other son, Jake who has type one diabetes. It was a really tough time and I can’t thank Alder Hey enough for what they have done for my family. Everyone was so supportive and reassuring from the moment we came in. I’m pleased to say that Jake is now doing really well. So four years ago, Dylan took the brave decision – all on his own – to help other children and young people and take part in a research study into diabetes.

Because of Jake’s condition, Dylan was screened and it showed he was prone to develop diabetes in the future. So he made the decision to be involved with a piece of research into diabetes at Alder Hey and the study has involved Dylan taking oral medication. The research hopes to show that oral insulin will be able to prevent or slow down the onset of diabetes.

It was always Dylan’s decision to take part in the trial. As he says, ‘It’s important for people to know how vital research is. Learning about conditions and new medication could help many other children like my brother with their diabetes’. He’s proud to be taking part in the trial to help other children.

We’ve seen so many remarkable people and remarkable things happening in our many visits to Alder Hey. Every year about 275,000 children from all around the UK are treated by the hospital, and thanks to the research they’re carrying out into new treatments and new medications many of their lives are transformed, like our Dylan.

A donation of just £5 a month can help more remarkable children like Dylan.

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