Beat the Boredom A-Z

A Afternoon tea - cut the crusts off your sandwiches and dine like royalty!

B Bake anything from biscuits to bread.

C Get creative - paint a picture etc. What makes you happy?

D Draw a rainbow for your window.

E Exercise!

F Send a post card to a friend you haven't seen in a while.

G Play a board game you haven't played in a while, or event better create a your own!

H Hop on 1 foot 10 times, then switch to the other!

I Invite a friend to a video chat. 😊

J Juggle with anything you can find around the house.

K Knock on your neighbours door and ask if they're ok - but remember to social distance!

L Lap your garden 100x times in honour of Captain Tom Moore.

M Move to the beat - put on your favourite track and get the whole family dancing!

N Go for a walk and enjoy nature, and discover new things.

O Obstacle Course - inside or outside!

P Host a garden picnic with your parents, siblings or teddies.

Q Create a quiz for the whole family.

R Take part in our #RunSolo challenge.

S Star Jump your way to a healthier you! Share this list with a friend and see how many they can complete.

T Tidy your room - yes, we know you know you need to!

U Un-plug from your phone or tablet - how long can you go without?

V Vacuum a room of the house - yes we mean it!

W It's time to Wash the Windows!

X Create a treasure map, and X marks the spot!!

Y Yodel really loudly.

Z Catch some "ZZZs" in our #IsolationStaycation

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